Friday, September 19, 2014

Back In The Saddle

It feels good when a routine comes full circle.  I had a really hard time staying focused this summer and my art work suffered.  School is back in session and I had an amazing, re-energizing  weekend in Boise, ID.

When I came home the paper started flying!

I have already posted one of the layouts that we worked on last weekend but here is one more.

Made with the Pathfinding paper pack.

After I finished this layout it was time to get cracking on the layout for the
September workshop night.

Workshops on the Go® Confetti Wishes Scrapbooking Kit

Item Number: G1086

Workshops on the Go® Confetti Wishes Scrapbooking Kit Contents:
1 – My Reflections™ Confetti Wishes Paper Packet (X7189B)
1 – My Acrylix® Confetti Wishes Workshop Stamp Set (D-size)
4 – Cardstock Sheets (2 Kraft, 2 White Daisy)
1 – Confetti Wishes Assortment (Z2044)
1 – Gold Shimmer Trim (Z1985)
1 – Instructional Brochure
Featured Colors: Canary, Pacifica, Pear, Thistle

Confetti Wishes Complements

Item Number: X7189C

With this one kit I was able to complete the following artwork.

Once this layout was done I realized that I still had enough paper left over for the Alternate layout. 
 I just added 1 sheet of Crystal Blue cardstock and 1 sheet of Canary cardstock.

For those that were at the workshop I gave 2 extra B&T sheets and the instructions to make the following coordinating Confetti Wishes cards. 
 The card instructions made 5 cards of each design. 

That is a ton of artwork out of one paper pack for the workshop.

Do you see a card that is not Confetti Wishes?  That is my practice card from the Pathfinding workshop we will be working on in November.

I can not wait to start playing with the October Workshop.
Scaredy Cat
It is going to be so much fun.

Weekend To Do List

I just thought I would share my weekend to do list:

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Friends Do Not Let Friends Scrap Alone

Throw Back Thursday

I was looking for a photo tonight -  I am looking for a baby photo of Kaela to add with her senior photo for the personal "ad" we are thinking about purchasing for the back of her yearbook.  You know the ones with a couple of photos of the child and a message from the parents.  Yep that one....

Anyhoo I was searching way back in my digi files and found a photo that will make you laugh and I just have to share.

Back Story:

I signed up to be a consultant 10-4-2005

As a very excited and new consultant who do you tell first (well beside the hubby) - your best friend!  

Amy was supportive of my new venture but not sure she wanted to jump in.  Well I finally convinced her and I think I have a photo from that first order.

The date on the photo is 12-30-2005 and that seems about right for us.  She has never let me live it down!  We joke that I pulled her in kicking and screaming. Almost 9 years later she is still one of my best customers and loves coming to crop.   

As for that baby photo of Kaela?  I am still looking for it.  I think it might be in with the "film" photos - please pray I have a digi file for my sanity. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Teamwork Layout

One last post and then it is bedtime for me.  The theme of this weekend in Boise was Teamwork and the theme movie was Disney's High School Musical.  Michelle designed a very cute layout that incorporated a basketball (from the movie), a team photo, and team work.  The idea was to hand draw a border around the edges of the layout and continue on from there.

Have you ever known me to follow instructions?  I saw the sample layout and immediately thought that I needed to hand stitch the border.  There is one problem... I did not bring my stitching supplies.

On the flight to Boise my luggage was opened and checked because the stamp scrubber looked like bullets (TSA told me that) and on the flight back my carry-on was opened and check because my banana looked like a gun (again told by TSA).  Can you image me trying to get a needle and thread on an airplane? 

Anyhoo - I stopped working on the layout because I knew that I would not be happy with the final product unless I hand stitched like I wanted.

Fast Forward until right now...... All Done!

There are no major changes just a couple to make it more "Jenny" Sometimes you have to listen to the inner layout designer and do your own thing.

Monday, September 15, 2014

I Am Back!

What an amazing weekend!

I was able to join some Texas Team Members and fly to Boise for the CTMH Thriving 30 event.  It was one night hosted by the corporate office of CTMH and one full day of fun hosted by our upline's - upline Michelle Snyder.  Monica Wohongi was our corporate leader.  

The above photo is from Friday night.  Do we look just a little overwhelmed?  We were so excited to be there but also so tired from traveling all day.  Thank goodness the hotel room was ready when we arrived because I needed a shower to wake up a little before the fun began.  I can not say enough good things about the Oxford Suites in Boise ID.  They pampered us all weekend! 

Here are just a few photos from Friday night.

We received a the supplies to make a beautiful layout on Friday night but by this point my brain was toast so I saved it to work on during free time.  We did not have any free times so I brought it home.  :-)

Saturday (Play Day)

We woke up and was ready for a day of fun and laughter.   A couple of the ladies did not finish prepping their cuts so we worked on that before the "real" fun began.  

This was Sylvia's pile of paper before she understood that there really was some organization to the cutting charts.  Once she re-organized she was a happier camper.  

Michelle asked for each of us to send a selfie to her before the weekend.  Can you find me?

Let the games begin.  We were having so much fun that when Michelle told us it was time for lunch we all looked up in surprise that it was already noon.  
Where did 3 hours go?

After lunch we started cranking out the layouts.

After what I thought was about 15 minutes Michelle announced that it was time to end the party.  What!?  Another almost 5 hours went by in a flash.  Granted we did stop playing long enough for a scavenger hunt, but still - time was flying.

One of the "clues" said to have the front desk take a photo of your team.

So by the end of  a great, information packed weekend I came home with 3 (2-page) layouts and 1 partial finished layout.  Here are the results.

I am so happy I went but also so happy I am home.

Now I need to do the prep work for our workshop this week.

See you Thursday!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Off to Boise I go

One of the teams that I am a part of with Close to My Heart is the Creative Hearts out of Boise, ID.  The Creative Hearts is one of 30 teams that won a fun filled weekend with the corporate leaders.  Think of it as a super mini convention for a select few teams. 

I leave bright and early well I guess it is THIS morning now, since I can not sleep to fly to Boise to have fun with these ladies.

There are 6 of us that I know of coming in from Texas.  The above photo is just a small sample of the ladies all across the US that are part of the Creative Hearts.  

I have no idea what we will be working on but from the supply list we will be "working" all weekend.

I will be home Sunday night but will have my cell on me if you need to reach me.  Remember to place your order for the new Artfully Sent Cricut Collection. 

 Also if you have not ordered your supplies for the September workshop by now you may not have time to get them in without express shipping ($$$$). 

I will show off all of the artwork made this weekend during the September Workshop and the October Crop Night. 

Workshop:  9-18-2014
Crop Night: 10-11-2014

See you soon!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cricut® Artfully Sent Collection is Now Available

Now Available

Cardmaking has never been easier or more fun! 
With our newest Cricut® collection you can make handmade masterpieces in no time at all. Choose from cards with sentiments cut directly into them, or combine several cutouts to create your own pop-up scenes. Featuring more than 25 different themes and 5 different card formats including dynamic interactive designs, this cartridge has a card for any and all occasions—even if the occasion is “just because”! Card styles include pop-ups, scenes, sentiments, sleeves and pocket cards.
Order your Cricut® Artfully Sent collection (Z3017) today.

Cricut® Artfully Sent Collection (Z3017)
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1 – Cartridge (700 Images: Cards and Font)
3 – My Acrylix™ D-size Stamp Sets*
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