Friday, October 31, 2014

November Workshop: Pathfinding Cards

November 20, 2014
7pm to 9pm
1504 High Country Lane
Allen, Texas 75002
RSVP:  Email:

Products To Pre-Order:
Workshops on the Go: Pathfinding Cardmaking Kit
G1083  $24.95

Other supplies that are needed:
Basic Kit (your personal supplies)
Paper Trimmer
3-D foam tape
My Acrylix Blocks (if you have them)
Piercing Tool

15 beautiful cards to have on hand for when you just need to say thank you.  
This kit works out to be just $1.66 per card... how cool is that!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cards For Winda

While at the FUMC Craft Fair this past weekend I met Winda, she was looking for pet sympathy cards and as luck would have it I was fresh out of pet sympathy cards.

I offered to make a set for her and took down her information.  She was open to color and design but wanted all of the cards to be pet sympathy.   I have never offered to make a set of cards at a craft fair before for a couple of reasons.

1. I have never been confident in my card making skills
2. I was afraid I would not be able to deliver on the promise in a timely fashion.

Well my card making skills have vastly improved and since I am no longer working full time I was confident I could not only make the cards but deliver them in a timely fashion.   I finished the cards today and hope to make contact with Winda tomorrow to get together for delivery.  

As you know that if I am going to make one card I feel it makes better sense to just go ahead and make 10 but I wanted Winda to have cards that were just for her.  Out of the 5 cards I made - I think there is one that I will reproduce to add to the card racks for sale.  The other 4 will be all hers.  

Here we go:

and this one is the one that I think I might mass produce for sale

I hope she loves them.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Allen High School FFA Craft Show

Here is my next Craft Show event:

Break Time...

I have had a very productive morning and now it is time for a break.  I am sitting here with the windows open (you know I love that) and good book on the Ipod and these addictive Trader Joe's Gingerbread Molasses cookies with a  cup of hot tea. 

I had a wonderful time at the First United Methodist Church craft fair this past Saturday. What a great turn out!  I set my booth up a little different this time.  I wanted my concentration to be on my Crop Nights / Workshops/ Catalogs / Handmade Cards. 

I brought my demo album, inside that is samples of all the new paper in the 2014 / 2015 Annual Inspirations Catalog, Traditional layouts from classes that I have taken along with workshops I have taught, and Studio-J layouts.

Kaela brought my laptop up because she had the idea of showing off my blog and Crop Area.  Since I am trying to get word out that I have a crop area for classes and well crops her idea was for people that might be interested to be able to see the room.  Unfortunately I had no idea that she was going to do this  and I did not charge the laptop so we had it going as long as the battery lasted.  I thought it was a great idea.

The cards were a huge hit!  It made me so happy to see people love a handmade card.  We get so lost in techno world that it is nice to remember to send a greeting card via snail mail once in a while.  

I keep meaning to have the tablecloth hemmed so it hangs correctly but I have been tucking the ends under the table for so many years now I guess it can wait until after craft fair season.  

I love the new CTMH table runners!  When Mike is available to help me set up I use my banner and goal posts but that set up is too big for one person to set up alone.  So when I am alone the CTMH table runners are PERFECT for letting the craft fair crowd know who I am.  

I need to give a shout out to Carole Smithwick and Ruth Swingle for making this one of the best craft fairs I ever work.  They work very hard all year long to make it run without a hitch and it shows!

If you have never been to this event mark your calendars when I announce the date for next year .

You will thank me

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Erin Condren Life Planners

So Amy has finally worn me down and talked me into getting an Erin Condren Life Planner.

(I am not getting paid for this post and I paid for my own planner)

 When she was ordering her planner I was on the phone and we were on the webpage together and while it looked really pretty and very functional I was not sold.  

Mike worked very hard to get me to move over to using the Google calendar and it has been working well for years but last week I had repair people crawling all over my house and I thought I was getting all of the information they were telling me in my computer or phone (google calendar). 


I knew I had city inspectors coming to the house but when I went to check what time - there was no time.  With the noise of the installers and the inspector trying to get off the phone I missed a step in google and did not put the time in my calendar and I had no way to call him to find out when he was coming out.  I was stuck at the house ALL DAY!

The other problem that I ran into is not having the info in front of me when needed.  My phone was being flaky and I could not talk to someone and access my calendar at the same time.  That left me running into the house to find the computer.  It was driving me crazy!

So I did some more research on this Erin Condren Life Planner stuff and this time with an open mind. 


I love that I could customize it and make it work for my life and my business.  It is bigger than most planners and that can be a good thing or a bad thing but I carry a large purse so it should not be an issue for me.  

I do not have a proof of "my" cover but this is what it will look like.  

There is a great blog out there and she does a fantastic job explaining what is so great about this planner.  


So while I am waiting for my planner to be shipped in am doing "research" on ways to make it work for both home and a direct sales business.  I am lost in Pinterest land and there are some fantabulous ideas out there.  I even found a solution to track my workouts and measurements - SCORE!  Now I just need to be cleared to go back to Curves....  I also love that I can have items made for my business to use with this planner.
  (ie: crop night reminders, workshop reminders, team meeting stickers and such)
We will still use the Google calendar for big items that the family needs to know about so our phones stay linked.  (Mikes business trips or vacations and such) but I am going back to paper for my personal day to day stuff!  I did not realize how many little notes I have around the house to do things until I made the decision to go back to a paper planner.

I do another blog post as soon as my planner is in my little hands.

I am so excited!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cards for Karissa

Karissa is a friend and co-worker of my daughters.  They work at this fabulous local Mexican restaurant "La Finca Chaquita" and since my kiddo works there I am in there all of the time eating.  I will post the address at the end of this post.

Anyhoo last week when I was in having dinner the subject of my business came up.  Karissa has a sister that is going to have a baby and she wanted a 5-pack of assorted cards to add to her gift to her sister.  She gave me the colors that her sister likes and gave me the deadline.

Here is the 5-pack of cards that are made just for Karissa and her sister.  I only made one of each card so there will not be any for sale at the craft fair this weekend.  

Once again Pinterest was a huge inspiration and I had fun scrap-lifting and re-working some beautiful artwork.    

My Artwork:

Pinterest Inspiration:

Found on:

As you can I scrap lifted the entire design, just changed the colors to fit my needs. This card was a great way to use up scrap cardstock and those last little bits of a paper pack.   i think it turned out beautiful.  

My Artwork:

Pinterest Inspiration:

Found on

I love the rustic feeling of this card but it also feels girly.  I think I did the Pinterest artwork some justice. 

My Artwork:

Pinterest Inspiration:

Found on:

The original artist used washi tape but I wanted to use the last little bits that I had left over from the "For Always" paper pack. 

My Artwork:

Does this card look familiar?   I made a different version last week.

Pinterest Inspiration:

Found on:

This is the one I did last week:

By changing the stamps and changing the colors used you can have an unlimited amount of patterns to choose from.

The last card does not follow the colors scheme but it screamed and wanted to be made.  Who am I to argue with artwork.  

My Artwork:

Pinterest Inspiration:

Have you ever bought a stamp set then not know what you wanted to do with it.  I bought this stamp set because it is so freaking cute then when I went to use it my mind went blank.  This pinterest inspiration was a perfect application of what can be done with this stamp set.  

Found on:

I love the vintage, school feel of the whole card.  But since Karissa wanted a shabby chic feel with the colors requested I needed to stick to her plan of action. 

As I promised here is the address of La Finca:

La Finca
107 N. Butler Road
Allen, Texas 75002

I am including a photo, it is so tiny that if you do not know what you are looking for you will pass it.  I know it does not look like much but you will be very happy you went in.
(I am not being paid for my endorsement)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Stamping 101

Yesterday we discussed the "Myth's" of Acrylix Stamps and I posted a stamping flip chart that shows about 10 different stamping techniques but what if you just need a stamping refresher course?

When I first started scrapbooking I was not a stamper - not at all.  Then I signed up to be a CTMH Consultant and still did not want to be a stamper.  I remember telling my husband that I would only sell the paper and stickers.  Then I saw my first Acrylix Stamp set or Clear Stamps as they are sometimes referred to.  My world opened up by just being able to see where I was going to place the stamp.  By being clear the stamp was automatically user friendly or as we say in my house "Jenny Friendly".

Not long after I started my stamping education I found a stamp care article online from a sister consultant (Lisa Stenz) I not only saved it on my computer but I printed a copy for my own personal use.  

Disclaimer:  I will be using information from Lisa's original online article and from CTMH online education.   

Stamping 101:

1.  Always use your foam insert

What is the foam insert?  It is that 6x6 foam sheet that comes with every new stamp from CTMH.  Do not throw this away - it is there for a reason.  The foam insert replaces the cushion that traditional wood stamps have between the rubber and the wood.   Place the foam insert under your scrap paper, then place your project paper on top of both the foam insert and the scrap paper.  

If you are like me, you will NEED the scrap paper to keep ink off of your work surface.  The foam sheet will insure a more even stamp image.

2. Use the correct size blocks

Use a block that fits your image.  Using a block that is too big or too small will give you more problems that you want.  If the block is too big then ink will smear on the sides when inking the stamp or if the block is too small you will not be able to give even pressure for sharp images.  You do not need every size out there but you do need enough to get a good variety.  If you buy good quality blocks then you will not have to replace them.  I am still using the blocks that I bought 9 years ago and they look great. 

3. Ink your stamps properly

Tap, Tap, Twist, Twist two times to get really good ink coverage on your stamp.  Ink and stamp a couple of times on a scrap sheet of paper to make sure the image will look the way you want it before stamping on your project.  

4. Do not slam your stamps 

Now you are looking at me like I have two heads... what do I mean by do not slam your stamps.  Do not hit the ink pad then the project paper with a pounding force.  

When you stamp you should press straight down, with even pressure and pick straight up.  Do not push down and rock back and forth because this will give you shadowing and ghosting images and may even give you a broken image.  A broken image is when only have of the ink transfers to the paper leaving half an image. 

5. Clean your stamps

If this was a perfect world I would tell you to clean your stamps immediately.  But we all get busy with our projects and get excited when it is starting to look "just right".  

Clean your stamps ASAP.  

There are some inks that need to be cleaned immediately such as Pigment Inks or Staz - On but most water based inks will be ok while you are still working.  

Clean your stamps with a stamp cleaner solution (CTMH My Spritz Cleaner)  or if you are in a pinch a dab of soap and plenty of water.  Do not use baby wipes or paper towels because they can leave lint or fibers on your stamps that will be difficult to remove.  When I have a heavy stamping day I will clean all of my stamps with the soap and water and just let them air dry - then put them away.  

If your stamps start to loose their tack or stickiness the soap and water cleaning will restore them to like new stickiness.   You can also wash your blocks and carrier sheets with this method if needed.  I found that air drying is best for me. 

As I stated in the "Myth's"  post some staining may occur and that is just fine.  There is nothing wrong with the stamp, it just likes the ink.  I like the staining because it makes it easier to find the stamp image if I drop it.  

I have some stamps in my stash that came with my original Consultant kit and most of my blocks are at least 9 years old.  With proper care your stamps should last for many enjoyable crafting years.